Form W-4 2018 Printable

Form W-4 2018: Add Up Your Allowances, Deductions and Adjustments

W-4 is among the most widespread and frequently used employment-related forms. Unlike many others, this one should be completed and handed to your hirer, not the IRS. The employer uses the data from your sample to figure out what is the amount of income tax that has to be withheld from your salary. Plainly speaking, this document determines how much money will be taken from your paycheck for tax purposes.

The blank should be completed by every employee, including freelancers and independent contractors. In most cases, you might need to complete form W4 2018 when you apply for a new job position or get a raise. Some employers expect their employees to complete it every year. Finally, you may be confronted with the sample when there’s a serious personal or financial change in your life.

Along with being a basic earnings tax form, W-4 is also used to claim allowances. In 2018, according to new federal law, you are also able to make adjustments. That’s why you need an updated version of the template to meet all the latest income tax withholding requirements imposed by the IRS and figure out how many allowances you should claim.

What You Should Know About Filling Out the Form

Form W-4 is a two page blank followed by general instructions and instructions for employers. It is subdivided into the following sections:

  • Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • Personal Allowances
  • Deductions, Adjustments and Additional Income
  • Multiple Jobs Section

Filling out the first section of the form depends on whether or not you are exempt from federal withholding. In case you are, all you need to do is fill in Lines 1-4, check the Line 7 and add your signature below. Please take into account that exemption from paying taxes from earnings is only applied to a certain category of taxpayers, depending on their age, yearly income and marital status. Most taxpayers must fill out all the fields in the first section of the document, including the Line 5 where you state the number of allowances you claim.

Complete Your W-4 Printable Online

The newest editable PDF sample of W-4 2018 is available online and can be completed in seconds. There’s no reason to download or install anything. Carefully fill in all the required fields and press done when the paper is ready to go. Every signature you create electronically is one hundred percent legally binding. You can easily print out the completed document and pass it to your boss or share it instantly.