Form W-4 2018 Printable

W-4 Form 2018 and The New Tax Law

With new tax rules, there is a need to renew information about a W-4 form, which is also known as the Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. This document is used by businesses in order to determine how many taxes to withhold from their employees` paychecks. All the details required in the blank is needed to report to the Internal Revenue Service. The updated form was released on February 28th. A few changes have been done, that affect payroll tax calculations.

Why Should I Renew A Form W-4 2018?

So, a W-4 form 2018 should be filled at the start of every job. Some managers practice giving their employees this template once a year just to check if there is a need to renew information. According to the law, if your personal or financial situation changes you have to make adjustments. For instance, you picked up a new job, or have a baby or your marital status changed. In addition, every newcomer employee has to fill only 2018 version of the document.

How to Fill A W4 Form?

In case, you are exempt from federal withholding, you only have to fill first four lines and mark the exemption at the line 7. Provide the following data:

  • name;
  • address;
  • marital status;
  • Social Security number. 

Non-exempt taxpayers specify the number of allowances, they claim, at the line 5. The bigger number means the less federal income will be withheld from your salary. However, consider, that if you don’t have enough withholding, you will be obliged to pay more at tax time. To avoid disbalance use the Personal Allowances Worksheet, that may help you to figure out how many quotes you can demand. This template is updated by the new law and includes another values for standard deductions.

Here is the list of legal causes for the allowances:

  • marital situation (if your spouse doesn’t work and you have the only one job; if your wages from a second job or your spouse’s wages or the total of both are $1,500 or less);
  • a status of “household”;
  • you’re asking for the child tax credit;
  • you have additional dependents.

To facilitate the process of submitting a W-4 form, find the lattest sample on the website. You are provided with ability to easily complete this sample online. Insert the required information into the fillable fields and sign the document electronically. It’s advisable to email the completed example. Using online tools you can do it instantly from any internet-connected device.