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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing CT-W4 2022 Form

Instructions and Help about CT-W4 2022 Form

Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music you Music Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Music Applause Music Applause Music Music Music so just by way of introduction as I see individuals that I recognize that you should know I make sure to point those out to you one of those individuals I see immediately is our state representative from the fifth District Representative Brenda McGee he is someone without him speaking I'm speaking for him he's someone who is passionate you know about the education of our children he does a lot of work with myself and also councilman Clarke as we go around the city of Hartford advocating for our children we're so glad that you are here tonight because this is one of the things that we're going to do talk about the true cost of integration and while your opinion might differ from mine and somebody else's that's okay the bottom line is we're here about the children so while we're having our discussion we ask that everybody keep that in mind when something comes up that you may or may not disagree may not agree with may not understand you should have been able to get a notebook or something at the front door so if you have those questions you can write those down so when we get to those question and answer period that way you all can go right to those questions that you've already prepared after hearing the discussion from our invited panelists I also see bernard thomas from hartford i'm knights who also does some great work with our troubled youth who need to get redirected so hi there mr. Bernard great to see you Applause all right and then we're going to as soon as mrs. Samuels get ready we're going to ask her to come on up but let's have our panel to come on and have a seat we have our plaintiff Miss Robinson please come Miss Robinson don't make me start singing in here's to you all right mrs. Robinson come this way come this way because I have my little desk hiding over there so you know it's not easy to be in the fight about your children but you know all of us have been there you know we applaud and support her we also have Joshua Thompson and Oliver Dunford from Pacific Legal Foundation attorneys representing Miss Robinson versus Wenzel welcome them alright we'll add individuals as they show up we're also expecting on one of our own I'm Elizabeth Horton chef was the lead plaintiff for surf versus O'Neal and also if Miss Connor McClane from n-double-a-cp legal defenses in the room we also invite you to come forward all right so while these individuals are not here right now what we're all going to do is give a big hand to miss Gwynn Samuel the founder and president of the teachers Karen Julian let's ...

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