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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing IA W-4 2015-2022 Form

Instructions and Help about IA W-4 2015-2022 Form

Hello my name is katie c norris with cnrs wealth management and in this video we're going to learn how to fill out form w-4 let's get going first if you need to locate form w-4 in case your employer didn't pryou with one you can go to search browser of your choice and type in w-4 you will see ires.gov website and it will say form w-4 employees withholding certificate that's the official name for form w-4 the form was updated in 2022 and the changes were significant after you click on the form you will see four pages the form itself it's only page number one the rest of the pages will include instructions and worksheets you can download this form and fill it out on your computer and then print it out or print out and fill out by hand but again uh depending on your employer you're probably going to receive one at your place of employment let's get to the form the form called employees withholding certificate the form consists of five steps only step one which is your personal information and step number five are mandatory steps two three and four are optional step number one your personal information you will have to fill out your first name and middle initial and your last name you have to pryour social security number if you want to make sure that your name matches the name of social security card they actually pryou with the phone number you can call and to make sure it matches then you have to pryour home address straight house number or apartment city state and your zip code in section c you will have to pick your filing status your tax filing status if you don't know you can refer to prior your tax return and check it will be single or marion filing separately married filing jointly or qualified widower and the third option here is head of household in our example we're doing married filing jointly you have to complete steps two through four only if applied to you if not you can skip to step number five if you skip to step number five and you're not going to complete steps two through four your withholding will be based on your tax filing status step number two you're gonna have to fill this out if you have multiple jobs or your spouse works in our example we have a husband that has one job and the wife that has one job you have three options you only have to do one of the following you can use a estimator at the irs.gov website which i highly recommend you use because it will prthe most accurate information next option you will use multiple jobs worksheet on page number three and then you have to enter the result in step number four c below see you can choose that when you ...

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