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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Wisconsin Form WT-4

Instructions and Help about Wisconsin Form WT-4

Music Applause how many of you pay taxes raise your hand thank you and how many how many of you would prefer not to pay taxes raise your hand thank you and how many of you know somebody who cheats on their taxes so they don't pay taxes raise your hand thank you I'm Tom wheelwright I'm here to tell you today you don't have to cheat in order to not pay taxes now I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah part of Mormonism and I spent as a result two years as a Mormon missionary knocking on doors of all places Paris France now I was very successful as a Mormon missionary in two years I converted to people so I got use to rejection in fact you could say that that was really the start of my entrepreneurship training because if you can't handle rejection you'll never be successful as an entrepreneur now for the last 35 years I've dedicated my life to learning and studying the tax law I have a master's of tax degree from the University of Texas at Austin I developed and taught courses to thousands of CPAs and accountants when I was in the national tax department of Ernst & Young I taught hundreds of masters of tax students as a professor at Arizona State University and for the last 25 years as founder and CEO of provision have taught thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs and investors like yourself around the world how to permanently reduce your taxes now as I travel around the world I hear the same thing every place I go you can't do that here I'm going seriously I'm a nice guy I travel halfway around the world to teach you how to permanently deuce your taxes and you tell me you can't do that here well let me tell you look around how many of you know somebody who's doing that here not paying taxes how many suspect that there are some would do we know legally even raise your hand the reality is it's up to you on whether or not you legally pay taxes how many of you are willing to learn how to make more money and pay less taxes as an entrepreneur raise your hand you're in the right place so there's a reason that people tell me around the world you can't do that here and it's because of how they earn their money remember there are four ways you can earn money you can go to school and get a job and earn it as an employee or you can go to school even more school become a doctor a lawyer an accountant and be a specialist or a small entrepreneur or you can be a big entrepreneur a big business owner or you can earn it as a professional investor a true entrepreneur now interestingly enough as I travel around the world it doesn't matter if it's ...

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