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Form W-4ME: What You Should Know

Read this article. How to Apply for a Taxpayer ID If the IRS issues you a Social Security number (SSN) or a U.S. Passport you need to get a taxpayer identification number (TIN), also known by the acronym MAIN. If you don't have a Social Security number, a U.S. Passport or a W-4, you can apply for a MAIN from the Social Security Administration by filing this form: SSA-1096. Social Security Numbers Do NOT Identify Your Taxpayer The IRS requires a Social Security number (SSN) or U.S. Passport to report your federal income. However, these federal numbers do not identify you as a federal taxpayer and are not considered legally binding. A Social Security number is issued by the Social Security Administration in order to verify identity, but is not considered legally binding, so if you lose your SSN or U.S. passport, it is still possible to use your Social Security number to get other IRS tax refunds and other federal benefits. Your U.S. Passport is not a legal identification document, so should not be used as a social security number. Read the IRS publication Tax-Awareness Tools for more information. How to Get a Taxpayer Identification Number Step 1: Get a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). You can file this form: SSA-1096 and send it to the Social Security Administration for your state. It must be mailed to the Social Security Administration and must bear postage. The Social Security Administration publishes this publication: Tax-Awareness Tools to help taxpayers locate their taxpayer identification numbers (Tins). Step 2: Get Your Taxpayer Reference Number (TEN). The IRS also provides this number for you online. The IRS publishes this publication: Taxpayer Identification Number Service for more information. Step 3: Identify the name and date of birth of every person listed on the income tax return using the state-by-state income tax return search tool. Step 4: Print and complete the following form: Request for Application for Taxpayer Identification and Taxpayer Filing Information. Fill out each item on the list, and mail it with all required information to the Social Security Administration for your state. Fill out the form using your state as your state of residence.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form W-4ME

Instructions and Help about Form W-4ME

Welcome to tax teach my name is sean i'm a certified public accountant specializing in taxation today i want to teach you guys about form w-4 and the basics behind the form and how to fill out the form itself so form w-4 employees withholding certificate is a form that when you fill it out it determines how much taxes withheld on your paycheck so that's why it's so important for w-4 you fill it out then you give it to your employer then your employer puts that into their payroll system and then the payroll system calculates how much taxes are to be withheld on each of your paychecks so you want to fill out form w4 accurately and that's why today i want to go over how to fill out the form w-4 you should fill out a form to be for whenever you get a new job or when you have a life event life events like let's say you get married or you have kids because this situation these kind of situations affect how much taxes are you're gonna owe throughout the year so without further ado let's go check out formw4 and i'm gonna show you guys how to fill it out here's a 2022 form w-4 in all of its glory in this example i'm just going with a single taxpayer with one job and no dependent so very simple form w-4 um so step one you enter your personal information your name where you live and your social security number then you check single because we're doing a single taxpayer but if you're married you'd collect married filing jointly or head off household if you're ahead of household but for now we're going to go with single and then you go down to...

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