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Form RI W-4 2017-2022: What You Should Know

The filing of the appropriate forms or instructions can be effected by e-mail, telephone or facsimile to FFI (Forms and Instructions — Instructions). Withholding of federal income tax withheld at source for an employee who has been a United States citizen abroad for less than 2 years is taxable on a Form W-8BEN. The filing of the appropriate forms or instructions can be effected by e-mail, telephone or facsimile to FFI (Forms and Instructions — Instructions). Foreign Tax Credit. If an employee received a credit or refund of U.S. income tax withheld from remittances of certain allowances or other income earned in a foreign country, use of the information in Form W-8BEN must be completed in the year the information is received by the foreign employer. Award of U.S. Tax Credits. Employee's filing of Form W-8BEN must be completed with the employer at least as described in IRC Section 62.219(g). E-Filing Form W-4. For additional information about the Form W-8BEN, see Forms and Instructions for Employers and Publication 587, Employer's Tax Guide. Back to the top Employer-Provided Health Insurance A. Employer Contributions. To be eligible for an employee contribution to an HSA, you must provide, subject to any limitations listed in IRC Section 4975, the employee with: a reasonable opportunity to choose his/her own health plan, unless an exception applies ; , unless an exception applies ; the same benefits (for example, amount, terms, and reducibility) under the plan that the government provides its citizens abroad. Although there are many benefits plans offered by non-health insurers, the requirements above do not limit the options available to an employee. B. Determining Employer Contributions. You must determine the amount of these employer contributions on behalf of an employee. A. Employee's Responsibility. The employee is responsible for paying the employer's share of the employee's contributions. In most cases, the employer should complete an appropriate Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Certificate) to give the employee, or the employee's representative, the employer's share of contributions to the health plan.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form RI W-4 2017-2022

Instructions and Help about Form RI W-4 2017-2022

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