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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form RI W-4 2017-2022

Instructions and Help about Form RI W-4 2017-2022

How valuable can a 2022 quarter be a regular quarter and which quarter see the u.s mint struck five different quarters that year let's talk about all of that right after this Music hey youtubers this is jnb and welcome to our jb coins family we're all about coins and currency we have new videos every day and are here to help you either start your new collection expand an existing one or maybe find that one valuable coin that can change your life in this video we will talk about 2022 quarters worth money and trying to find out which one is the most valuable now not much info can be found on these newer quarters some collectors think that newer quarters aren't worth a lot of money so in this video we will look into 2022 quarters in great detail and we can tell you right now they are valuable we not only tell you which one is the most valuable but we also give you the prices of many of them so you can actually see what they're worth the quarter struck in 2022 are part of the america the beautiful quarters program which started in 2022 and will end next year in 2022. they have george washington's portrait on the obverse but obviously different reverses the u.s mint released five quarters that year pictured rocks national lakeshore which is located in michigan apostle island national lakeshore which is located in wisconsin voyageurs national park this park is located in minnesota cumberland island national seashore and this one's located in georgia and block island national wildlife refuge this one's located in rhode island we will only talk about regular quarters not proof coins since the proof coins are not worth a lot however if you're collecting quarters you will need to have the proof quarters in your collection no matter what their values the regular strike quarters were minted in the philadelphia mint the denver mint and also the san francisco mint they produced circulation strike quarters that year two with a regular finish however they were sold only for collectors directly from the us mint if they were minted in san francisco and not released into circulation all of the quarters struck that year will bear mint marks the philadelphia quarters will bear a payment mark the denver quarters bear a demon mark and the san francisco quarters will have an emark the san francisco mint also struck that year proof quarters with a proof finish they were sold to collectors in proof sets and silver proof sets however like we said we won't talk about them in this video the quarters struck in 2022 have mid to high miniatures for america the beautiful quarters so nothing special about that what is very interesting about them is the fact that the highest grade on most of them is ms-68 but their values are so different now about the most valuable 2022 quarter ...

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